Why me?


Ive been vegan for over seven years.  I really like working with other people who care about our planet and  who think that its time for change.    There is nothing worse than organising a special event to promote your vegan business, only to find suppliers arrive wearing leather or having just eaten a meat burger.

Plant based

As a vegan, I share your passions and beliefs. I want to promote the plant based movement in a positive way. Like you, if faced with a choice, I favour businesses and organisations that are also vegan.

right for you

The short films I produce are an extension of you and your business. This means you need to allow me into your life for a period of time, so we need to get on. If we are both passionate about being vegan advocates then this makes the partnership much more solid.


Long term

You know your business, and I know mine, broadcasting Facebook live for your special events or becoming an extension of your team is a privilege for me. Obviously you can be assured that I have your aims and values at heart. 

My customers are friends and it gives me a real buzz to be able to increase their business.

You are in control

You get the final say. That sounds grand, but I have worked with some film producers and that's not how they work.  Sometimes we may have different opinions, but I want you to be completely happy with the finished product.