Add special effects





Special Effects can show that little extra!

Draw your customers in by showing them a view or a film that they would not normally see.

We all have the benefit of a camera on our phone but capturing something that will draw your customers in may require just that little extra.

At a recent vegan festival, I set up a fixed camera to take over six thousand photos. I then used some artistic magic and some geekery to produce a 60 second film to show the whole day.

I could produce a short time lapse film in your restaurant to show just how your lovely food is prepared. Alternatively, if you run a mail order business, we could make a time lapse of your orders being prepared. I can use GoPro cameras to be a part of the action, giving you views from the perspective of the object, which can really be effective.

Time lapse workshop video

If you run a high-tech workshop, then showing what happens in glorious time lapse 4k video can really help set you above your competitors.

You can choose a fixed camera location, a slider (either horizontal or at an angle) or even a cable track along the entire length of your workshop to give you a bird's eye view.

Time lapse has a few advantages over standard video in real time. I normally shoot in 8k (very high quality) and then reduce the quality down to allow easy uploading on to your website or social media.

Time lapse for your location

A static photo of your building is great for a quick view, but with time lapse video I can reduce a few hours down to 30 seconds, giving you a unique view of your building that can only be achieved with time lapse. 

The opening sequence could start at sunrise and show just how your organisation comes alive. If you are lucky enough to have the sun on your property, then this really brings the video alive.

Time lapse for your exhibition

This is great if you are hosting an exhibition and want to show how it all comes together, from an empty hall to being jam-packed with people.

I can provide you with a really useful and informative way to help with stand and crowd planning and also which stalls or exhibitors generate the most interest.

Time lapse at Kent Vegan Festival

360 product

You probably already have standard photos for your stock items, but as technology moves on so will your competitors. They will be able to offer a full 360 degree view of their products via their website, which means their customers can rotate the product item to see the big picture.

I can come to you or you can send your products to me, and you will be provided with fully rotatable images for your website.

360 panorama

If your product is larger and customers would benefit from 'walking around the inside or outside', I can provide a single or series of 360 degree images that allow your customers a visual-virtual tour.