Kent Vegan Festival

Kent Vegan Festival is becoming very popular and in 2018 we moved to a larger location in Canterbury.

This year we decided to extend our film coverage so in addition to our photographer and videographer, we asked Nic from Plant Powered Films to come along and see what else we could do.

Nic is a 'can-do' kind of guy, and this makes working with him easy and fun. 

We had a time lapse camera of the entire day, as well as recordings of the speakers, but what we really liked was the Facebook Live videos that Nic did. He used his own wifi connection, to broadcast live, and we were very happy with the viewing figures.

Nic even did some impromptu interviews which we have decided will be a regular feature in the coming months.

Zest Health

I run a plant -based health and weight management company, and I needed to get a video of me for my website. Whilst I'm a confident person, put a camera in front of me, and it all changes!  Nic coached me and made me feel at ease. He didn't mind at all how long it took and the number of versions we did before I was happy with the final one.

I had practised with a few scraps of paper and my iPhone, but Nic got me into using an teleprompter that moved as I spoke. 

I also needed an animated video to help explain what I do for my clients in a very short space of time. You don't get long to capture someone's attention, so Nic needed to make my words a little more catchy. I'm very pleased with the resulting video, and will be using Plant Powered Films to produce my next one. I also plan to go live on Facebook, Nic has agreed to step in again for this until I am confident with all the gadgetry.