I share your passion



Only a person who truly believes in what you do and why you are doing it, can give you their total commitment.

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Are you a vegan business and struggling with online media?

Using the power of video, I can increase your followers and bring you closer to your customers. Facebook Live video is pushed up the rankings and gives your customers a chance to ask you questions live and lets you connect with them.


Could your vegan business do with more customers? 

Irrespective of the nature of your vegan business, adding film to your website will bring in more customers. When I buy a product, the last thing I do is to look at the manual. If I need more information, I look online for videos. 

So if you are selling lovely vegan shoes, then not only can you add the normal static pictures, but you could get some video of the shoes being worn, or even a factual review of each style. 

If you run a vegan foodery, we could do a 'day in the life of..' and have a short film that you can add to your website.  We could get short messages from customers, and some nice shots of the food.